Sometimes we meet people and we like them instantly. They radiate an energy that attracts us to them and allows us to “click”, these feels are called a Vibe. It is how we connect with others, and the feels we show when communicating to others. Therefore, it defines who we are and what are stand for, because a Vibe can be be described as the energy that we emanate into the world. Our energy is a product of our thoughts. We must pay attention to our thoughts as these thoughts translate into the energy and becomes a beacon to others around us.

It is said that our VIBE attracts our tribe. If we feel that the people around us are not who we want in our circle, you need not to look to far. What you believe in, stand for, and seek from life will be a translation of those who are attracted to you. This is best said with a famous proverb “Birds of a feather flock together”. This 16th century proverb talks about how you are but a reflection of those around you. So the quality of your “energy” is the quality of those around you.

If we want to change the people we attract, we need to focus on the positives, regardless of our situation. Remember our thoughts become our VIBE and ultimately our tribe.  

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