The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.

Mark Twain

When do you feel like you are in your element?

“Being in your element” is a common and timeless way of saying you are doing something that makes you happy or that you enjoy doing because you are good at it. This phrase had been around for many years when Sir Ken Robinson, expert on education, used it to explain why some people thrive in their jobs and feel successful doing what they do, and others struggle getting those feelings. He described the “element” as “the unique place where the things that we love to do and the things we do well come together”. 

When people are in their element, they are able to connect with something fundamental to their sense of identity, purpose and well-being. Being there provides a sense of self-revelation, of defining who they really are and what they’re meant to be doing with their lives. Finding your element is a process of exploring your aptitudes and passions. Robinson believed that this process only happens when we spend time with ourselves and try new things that help us understand ourselves better. Your element is not what you do, it is who you are.  

After exploring your strengths, challenges, and clarification statement we encourage you to think: when do you feel like you are in your element? Exploring this is key to examine if those things that make you happy and have the aptitude to do are part of the career path you are following.

Questions that can help you find your element
  • • How are you intelligent? (your intelligence type) e.g musical, interpersonal, mathematical, kinesthetic, etc.
  • • What things are you good at?
  • • What makes you happy?
  • • What things do you love to do? Things that, even when you are tired, make you feel spiritually energized.

Action Task:

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