Change Your Future

Training & Internship Opportunities

Are you a recent high school or post-secondary graduate and struggling to find work? Do you have a job but desire a fulfilling career? Then this program is for you.



  • A stable internet connection.
  • Access to a reliable laptop or desktop computer is ideal.


Program Stages

  1. Pre-employment Training
  2. Mentor assignment
  3. Internship Opportunities
  4. Post-Program Assessment

What’s Included in Change Your Future

Success by Design

Are you feeling confused, stuck, or overwhelmed with your life? Are you giving up on your dreams because they feel unreachable? If you are ready to make the first step to transforming yourself and your life – this module is exactly what you need!

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Best Life Career

Once you’ve completed the Success By Design Program, and have a clearer vision of what holistic success looks like to you. Let us delve deeper into your Career Life Area. This includes doing self-led work, individual and group workshops, working with mentors and coaches to provide you with the support and next steps to move toward your Career “10”, your BEST LIFE – CAREER!

Success Squad

We keep the partnership going through our Inner Circle membership program. Graduates of our Programs can continue the support, connecting with our coaches and other Achievers through a weekly accountability conference call and new weekly lessons.

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Program Stages


Pre-employment Training

Participants will go through different programs and build their Achieve™ Success Plan, followed by coaching sessions.


Mentor Assignment

Participants will be matched to a relevant mentor based on the area of interest.


Internship Placement

Successful graduates of stages 1 & 2, will be given an internship opportunity (for up to three months).


Post-Program Assessment

Participants will review their Success Plan to determine and document progress in each key area.

What will you get as a participant?


  1. Improved goal setting and goal acquisition
  2. Increased employability
  3. Increased networking skills
  4. Increased empowerment and motivation
  5. Increased overall life success