My Wildest Dream
By Kim

 I desire a life where I am able to know my truest self and walk in that truth unapologetically.
 I want to love me.
 All of me.
 My curves.
 My big bright beautiful eyes.
 My kinky, coily, thick black hair.
 I want to live in a way where I believe I am bigger than my worst mistakes.
 That I am stronger than my worst failures.
 I desire to love big and to be loved honestly, genuinely, and vulnerably by the ones around me.
 The ones who are a part of my inner circle.
 I desire that deep love with a life partner.
 That love that not only supports my growth and gives me the space and grace to learn along the journey.
 A love that is not afraid of vulnerability.
 Not afraid of connecting at the center in a way that creates a place where the void that once divided us evaporates and the two of us become as one.
 One Mind. One Soul. One Love.
 I desire FREEDOM in my mind and in my pockets.
 A freedom where I am not limited by my limitations, by money or by lack thereof.
 I don't want lack.
 I want FREEDOM.
 I desire a life where I can be a blessing to my family, community and to those I may never actually meet.
 I desire a life where Legacy is inevitable.
 A place where my physical body may leave, but my eternal presence still remains.
 I desire to make my mother, my biggest supporter, my first Love, my role model – proud.
 I desire to make her proud of ME, because she's sacrificed so much for me.
 Even her own comfort and happiness.
 I desire to continue living in the fullness of each day.
 A perspective on life where I don't have one foot in the past or my mind on the future.
 I desire to understand and know what really being PRESENT looks like.
 I desire to know what true inner peace and joy feels like.


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