“Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible”

  – Tony Robbins

We have Assessed the Gap between where we are and where we want to be. We have identified our core values, established our 5 big goals in each holistic area, and our Word of the Year. Now it’s time to start the planning. Let’s make the next 12 months very intentional. We are going to work toward our “10” in a systemic way. We have created what our Best Life looks like and now it is time to fill in the details so we can start heading in the right direction.

To keep us focused on our Best Life, we are going to create a living document called “Success Plan” also know as our Success Path. This worksheet is usually filled out once a year and is referred to often when planning. It helps us plan tasks in support of our yearly goals. Ideally, this is a one or two-page document, that lays out the year ahead in a simple but clear way. It includes all the decisions we have made: Word of the Year, Core Values, Goals in each holistic area, our Why, Who, and How. Fill it out correctly, it will keep us on track.

Before we work on it, let’s look at a methodology called SMART Goals.



Worksheet: Success Plan