If we think of the man, who would lay down his life for us, it would be none other than the FATHER figure in our life, the man we consider DAD!

Can you recall your first day of school? You may remember your mom crying, but “DAD” pushing you forward.

First award? Mom crying tears of joy, DAD telling you that it is nice, and you can do better.

Your first day at the job? Mom celebrating you and DAD telling you that this is just the beginning.

A DAD has a heart as tender as that of a mom, however, he must be the image of strength. He holds his emotions pretending that he cannot be broken. As we grow older, we realize why he is the person he portrays himself to be; our personal superhero. He is teaching us to embrace our strength so we can face the realities of the world courageously.

This FATHER’S Day let’s reach out to our “DAD” and let him know how much we appreciate him modeling strength.