There may have been times in your life when you felt that you are being used. People often forget that ‘use and discard’ is about things, not human beings. As we focus more on sustainable goods and services, we need to understand that how we treat people can have long term effects. It is important to be kind in our daily actions.

Kindness could be an opportunity to help someone succeed. Don’t think of it as being used but as a step on your path to success. Be the person that you wish you had on your journey. Life changes when your perception changes. Practice kindness, pay it forward and you will be surprised at how contagious kindness can be.

Be kind as you;

Give, because: You weren’t given.

Listen, because: You weren’t listened to.

Comfort, because: You weren’t comforted.

Understand, because: You weren’t understood.

See, because: You weren’t seen.