Many of us have a goal of where we see ourselves in the future. We know what our best life looks like, and we are determined to achieve it. We may even have a few ideas on how we will achieve our goals, but these steps that we are considering may seem rather large or just out of reach right now. 

Can advice move you forward?

So, while figuring out what our next steps should be, we may reach out to others for guidance or advice. While this is absolutely a wonderful thing to do, it may still plant a seed of doubt in our minds. But remember:

  • Good leaders seek advice
  • Keep an open mind
  • Opposing idea are not necessarily bad ideas
  • Good ideas can come from anyone, do not limit yourself to “experts”

People may be suggesting ideas to us, but we can’t see how it will lead to our end goals. So we push these suggestions away because we are sure that only we know what’s best. A lot of the time, people have our best interests at heart and have a lot of great suggestions that they think will help us. But we need to listen and understand that life is not a straight path. And sometimes, the perspective of other people is correct. 

Finding reassurance within ourselves is a difficult feat. Self-doubt is common, so we cling to what we believe is the right path to calm those fears. First, however, we need to keep a few essential things in mind. 

3 Things you need to know

  1. Taking a detour does not mean that you are changing course entirely or will end up with an unwanted result.
  1. There is no right way to get to your destination.
  1. There are many opportunities and possibilities that you may not have thought of. 


Advice is just that: advice. We can take or leave it, and we don’t always have to follow what other people tell us to do. However, we may be holding ourselves back due to only relying on ourselves. 

What was one piece of advice you have received that changed your life for the better? 

Let men be wise by instinct if they can, but when this fails be wise by good advice.