Big Ideas

  • Success is rarely achieved alone.
  • Who do you need to help you get to your success?
  • Determine what resources, help, or support you require from others to achieve your goals.
    • Do you need an expert, a specialist, or a coach of some kind to achieve success?
    • Are you working in a business environment and need the commitment of your partner or team?
    • Do you require the support of your family and/or friends?
  • Reach out to them and share your goals and let them hear how important attaining them is to you, & you’d appreciate their help and/or support.
  • If you can think of the person you need, write down their name. If it is a specialist that you need to find, put down the type of specialist so that you can look for one.
  • In some cases you will not need anyone to achieve your goals, however, don’t be afraid to seek the help you need so that victory can be yours.


  1. Download the Your “Who” Workbook in the Materials Tab
  2. Refer back to the Holistic Success: “10” in Key Life Areas Lesson
  3. Write your WHO for each Holistic Area

Home Play

  1. Watch the Core Values Video
  2. Download the Core Values Worksheet (In the Materials Tab)
  3. Look at your 5 Core Values and the 5 Holistic Area goals as you think up words
  4. Identify the top 5 values that are most important to you

Core Values

Why Are Personal Core Values Important?

Our values are the core to our being, it defines what is most important to us, it affects every element of our lives and determines our happiness. Our personal values are our core principles and usually operate subconsciously in our mind as we make decisions. It is our own internal guidance system, think of it as our own personal GPS. Whenever we are operating outside our values or not in alignment with our internal compass, things just don’t seem right. When decisions are made that match our personal values then we feel happy and content. It is possible to complete our goals without using our values, but true success and fulfillment will not be attained if our values are not aligned with our goals. This is why it is important for us to identify our top values.

Identifying our values is vital as it helps us to focus on what really matters to us. Once they have been identified, we can use them when making decisions. This will ensure that we are aligned with our core principles and help us to live in balance.

EXAMPLE: If our top value is family, working 80 hour weeks will not allow us to spend quality time with the family members and will stress us out as we are not living the way we believe we should be.

Making decisions based on our values will make the right decision clearer and help us live a more content and successful life. Knowing our least important values can also help steer us away from the wrong choice.



Your "Who" Workbook

Values List