Bearing Witness

Your story is important. How we move others is important. People in the room have lived a lot and have a lot of stories to tell. Tell your truth and the witnesses will feel it. When our story reaches others, and we receive feedback, it helps us believe in ourselves and acknowledge and amplify the truths in our stories.

Guidelines for Sharing Writing

Sharing is a powerful vehicle for courageously sharing your own vulnerability and in doing this, allowing those in the room to bear witness to your story. Be it joy, pain, confusion, hope… whatever it is… it is yours to share. No one has your story, your feelings, your revelations that make you unique and valuable. For this reason, when we are caring and thoughtful about our feedback, it can encourage and empower our sister to go deeper.

Hints for positive feedback for the group suggested feedback can be one of three kinds:

  1. I loved the part you said about…
  2. I really found it interesting when you talked about….
  3. I wanted to hear/know more about…


  • Get to know a sister on a deeper level
  • Get to know a She-Rites sister from a previous cohort

Home Play

Who is your unsung heroine and why? Write about this for 10 minutes at home. We are not looking for someone famous here, but someone from our community who has made a difference in your life. It takes a village to raise a child and it takes a community of women to help each other reach for their dreams and realize their potential. Focus on the qualities of this heroine and what makes her special.