The Word of The Year is the one word that helps you stay on track toward your goals. The right word, coupled with our values, helps us make better choices, find clarity and, navigate each day by prioritizing our core values.

Choosing Your Word

The Word is a personal choice, two people can have the same word but it could mean completely different things to each of them. It is important to define what your “word” means to you, once you pick it. There is no right or wrong word however it needs to inspire you or spring you into action. Perhaps it is something that has held you back from attaining success or it is a desired way you would like to live.


Always procrastinating? Use the word: Action or Focus

Overwhelmed? Use the word: Balance or Breathe

Sometimes your word will simply pop up into your head, but for the times it doesn’t happen we got you covered. See the following framework and answer its questions.

Remember: Your Word must be in alignment with your values & be a guiding light toward your goals

Word of The Year Framework

  • Close your eyes and imagine your “perfect life”. How does it look and feel?
  • Think about last year, what held you back?
  • What is something that you would like to overcome?
  • Look at different areas of your life and the goals you have set for them, is there a common thread?
  • Start writing out words that come to mind, then go over the list and start narrowing it down, choosing the words strike a chord with you. Trust your gut with this
  • Eliminate the words that don’t work with all 5 holistic areas and indentify what word stands out.
  • Done! You got your word!

Using Your Word

  • Post it everywhere: mirrors, screensaver, fridge, bedside tables, office, in your wallet, etc.
  • Consider it your mission for the year to live by your Word.
  • Before making a decision, consult your Word. Is the decision in alignment with it?
  • Check-in with yourself at the end of each week,
    • are you living your Word?
    • did you make good decisions based on your Word?


  • Download the Word of The Year Worksheet
  • Choose your Word of the Year