Now that we have designed our Success Plan, it is time to create weekly actions in support of our goals. Using the Weekly Progress Report gives us a target to hit each week, helping propel ourselves forward on actions that are in support of our larger goals.

This report is completed at the end of every week, usually Sunday. Reviewing the past week gives us an opportunity to plan our next moves, look for ways to improve, and celebrate our successes. It is important that we do it before the start of our next week, as it is our road map to our weekly success. Remember, success happens with consistent action.

​​It is powerful to pull this out Monday morning and know exactly what we need to accomplish so that we can get right to work achieving it! 

Filling out your Weekly Progress Report:

  1. Start by filling out the first section: week number, date, Word of the year, top 5 values and Best Life Statement. This will keep you inspired.
  2. Look at your “HOW” in each area and choose one step per area to focus on for the week.
  3. Create different actions or miniature goals for each area that are in alignment with your “HOW” and Best Life & that are attainable in the time frame of a week. 
  4. At the week’s end, analyze your overall success in each area, list your successes and areas in which you could improve.
  5. Give yourself a rating from 1 to 10 in each of the 5 areas. This will help you identify areas they may need more attention or effort.
  6. Do not forget to keep pushing yourself with these smaller tasks each week! 

Action Tasks:

  1. Download the Weekly Progress Report and add the current date and complete the new areas you find in the form. 
  2. Under each of the 5 areas, looking at your goals, choose 2-3 action tasks. These actions represent small steps towards your goals and are directly related to the attainment of your big goals.
  3. They could be recurring tasks such as walking 10,000 steps each day, or stepping-stones to a bigger task like making an appointment with your doctor.
  4. Upload your first Weekly Progress Report in the Assignment area to get feedback.
  5. Repeat weekly and don’t forget to share every Weekly Progress Report with your Success Partners.