The Power of Why

Commitment is easier if we know WHY we want to do it. Our biggest goals need a WHY to give us the resolve to push through when we don’t feel like doing them. How many times have you wanted to quit when the task seems too hard or daunting. The laziness and/or self-doubt creep into our minds and the desire to quit is a loud voice in our head. “You don’t have to push yourself to do this now (or ever)” or others tell us that “we should not work too hard and be easier on ourselves.”

It is exciting, in the beginning, to start pursuing our dreams and goals. However, no one ever succeeded without making incremental progress, experiencing setbacks, and, of course, lots of consistent hard work. This is where passion comes in. When we choose goals that are value-based we have an invested interest. We have a burning desire to seek it. The more passion we have, the stronger our resolve to achieve it.

Today’s culture is one of wanting results instantly. Brene Brown, in her book, “The Gifts of Imperfection”, blames our reluctance on the culture of fun, fast and easy. We want results quickly and without too much effort or sweat. We also want to have fun along the way or we grow restless and divert our attention onto the next shiny thing. 

The key question to ask ourselves if we want to keep going is: “What is my reason and motivation for doing this?” Knowing our “why” will energize us in continuing when things get tough. When we get frustrated or lose our focus that’s when it’s essential that we stay connected to our WHY.

Think about your reasons for wanting to attain your goal. What impact will attaining this goal have? How will it affect others? How will you feel when successful? Ensure you have a clear vision of what your “10” looks like in each holistic area as this will assist you in defining your WHY.

Knowing our WHY and the underlying motivation is imperative when we get discouraged and stuck to ensure we stay the course.

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To Be Successful:

  1. Watch the video
  2. Look over the BEST LIFE statements you made in previously and Identify your Why for each one.
  3. Add your WHY to your Success Journal.