Holistic Success

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Let’s get SERIOUS about SUCCESS

In order to start moving toward our Best Life (Best Life is a life that you have imagined if the world was perfect and you could have anything you want), we need to be very clear on what that looks like. Like any journey, if you don’t know where you are going (your destination), you have zero chance of getting there. 

So how do we get clear on this?

We believe in holistic success, which is focusing on 5 key areas of your life; Spiritual, Wellness, Relational, Career, and Financial. By measuring success in these 5 areas we can use it as a gauge of how successful we feel. Finding success in each of these areas will almost guarantee you true happiness and fulfilment. 

By breaking down each of these areas and determining what SUCCESS looks like in each, we will then have a TARGET or destination to aim for. It is important to describe in great detail what that perfect or BEST LIFE looks like and even feels like. The more detail you can include the more clarity you will have, thus making it easier to start creating a path towards it. 

Remember it is hard to hit a target you can’t see.

Success Actions:

Doing this exercise will give you clarity on where you are NOW and where you WANT to go, making it easier to build your path to SUCCESS. 

1.  Get a Journal/book to document your SUCCESS JOURNEY.

2. Clearly define your BEST LIFE in each area:

  • Spiritual
  • Wellness
  • Relational
  • Career
  • Financial

3. Rate yourself in each area on a scale from 1-10 (1 being “just getting started” and 10 being “I have arrived”)

4. Record your answers in your SUCCESS JOURNAL – Have fun with it and be as creative as you wish. This is your personal journey!