All the decisions we have made recently need to be put into ONE document for clarity, this document will be your Success Plan. This living document is also known as your Yearly Plan because it includes the actions you need to take for the year to achieve or work on achieving your goals. 

Big goals can be overwhelming, that is why creating smaller ones can reduce stress and alleviate procrastination. Just remember that some goals take longer to achieve than others, so you might have the same goals next year but with different actions depending on how much you progress. No matter how you decide to take action, the important part is that you keep achieving and moving forward!

Success Plan= Roadmap for success

Building your Success Plan: “Your HOW”

  • First, look at your 5 Holistic “10” and think, how can these goals be broken down into smaller, more manageable steps? These steps are called your “HOW”.
  • To figure out your “HOW” you can reflect on what kind of behaviours or actions you would be doing if you were achieving a “10” in each holistic area.; or what you would be doing if you were on track to your success in that area.
  • Your “HOW” cannot be tasks that you can do in one day. They are meant to be miniature goals or steps that can be broken into even smaller daily actions that move you closer to your end goal.
  • This is why it is important to set realistic actions for the year.
  • When you are done, keep your completed Success Plan in front of you – print it out and look at it daily to stay on track.

Action Task:

  1. Build your Success Plan for this year by filling out the worksheet.
  2. Upload your Success Plan in the Assignment area and schedule a call with one of our Success Coaches.