Where to Start

If we are going to find the success we desire, we must track our progress, identify any obstacles and make adjustments to our action plan. We have been doing this in a small way at the end of each week but now we need to evaluate our progress over a longer period of time – in this case, quarterly.

Analyzing our success will give us a boost in motivation. Examining obstacles, that slowed or stopped our progress can help us identify how we can improve our success in the future.

Writing Your Quarterly Review

Start by asking yourself, the following questions:

Over the past 3 months,

  1.   Have I been living my WORD? (Think of instances that shows you have)

  2.   Have I been living my values? (Think of times that proves you have)

  3.   Have I been working towards living my Best Life?

Begin filling out the Quarterly Review worksheet

For each of the 5 areas:

  1. List your major successes in each area.

  2. Assign a number (scale of 1-10) to each area based on how well you feel you achieved your goals in that area. 

  3. In the “Opportunities for Improvement” field, list actions or habits that would move you closer to your goals.

  4. Revisit the first E – Excite of Achieve, and see if there are any we can cash in based on our successes.

Update Your Success Plan Quarterly

For best results, you should review your Success Plan and ask yourself: 

  1. Does your “10” for each area still align with your best life?

    a. Have you already achieved these goals?

    b. Do they need adjusting?

    c. Are they still valid?

  2. Look at your intermediate goals (goals you set to achieve your main goals) for each of the 5 areas;

    a. Does any goal need adjustment?

    b. Do you need to add a goal to help you achieve the main goals?  

    c. Update your Weekly Progress Report with any changes you have made.

Action Task

  1. Complete your Quarterly Review and send it to your Success coach and your accountability partners
  2. Update your Success Plan as necessary
  3. Update your Weekly Progress Report with any changes