In life, we experience numerous major life changes. This can be anything from birth to death, marriage, divorce, success, school, recognition, failure, trauma, moving, betrayal, being rejected, rejecting another, friendship, celebration, humiliation… the list is long and varied, celebratory and sometimes tragic.

“Our lives are a series of unfolding, linked events that make sense. In other words, in the past I related to the present, and from that trajectory, we can glimpse our future”

(Ibarra & Lineback)

Writing Tips

  • We may begin to write about something and find our writing moves to places where we need to write.
  • Let your writing move where it wants to go
  • It’s a great idea to go with your first impulse and try not to overthink what you are writing about.
  • Often our writing is a part of a larger story.
  • Let your writing be a creative burst, uncensored and unstopped
  • Don’t edit yourself as you write. There is always time for editing later
  • Don’t judge yourself
  • Follow your imagination
  • Be very descriptive
  • Involved the senses
  • Not everything is for sharing
  • You can write about the same thing as many times as you like

A quote for dreaming: “One day, or day one? You decide”.