Learning Outcomes:

  1. Understand the power of sharing in a community
  2. Develop weekly routines
  3. Reinforce the power of positive motivation
  4. Build a personal reward system

Involve Others & Excite


A group of people with similar dreams, goals, and world-views. They are people who will push you in exchange for being pushed, who will raise the bar and tell you the truth. They’re not in your business, but they’re in your shoes. Finding such a group and working with them, intentionally and on a regular schedule, might be the single biggest boost to your career and life.

-Seth Godin
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Celebrate the Little Things

This module is about motivation and how we can use it to increase or expedite the completion of tasks or goals. There are different ways to be motivated; negatively and positively. Negative was when our parents threatened us with “grounding” or removal of privileges. Positive is receiving a reward for certain preferred behaviour. You may be asking yourself, how does this fit into goal setting? There are many behaviours that can stop us from attaining our goals, the most common is procrastination  ─ avoiding a task at all costs and that cost is usually our success! This is where a little positive motivation can help, by pushing us past our harmful behaviour and excite us into completing our important tasks.

Keep the Momentum Going

We spent a lot of time creating our goals, big and small and they are all designed to keep us on the right path to success. We are now targeting those goals with weekly action steps, however, if we are avoiding taking action, we will never achieve our goals. Setting up our own personal reward system can help, by inspiring us to get the tasks done, particularly the ones we have been avoiding.

How to succeed

To access the materials of this lesson click on the following button, it will take you to the Success By Design Program. There you should complete the following lessons before our meeting:

  1. Accountability Groups
  2. Weekly Report
  3. Excite