The definition of a habit is: “something that you do often and regularly, sometimes without knowing that you are doing it” (Cambridge Dictionary). Therefore, Habits are behaviours, meaning they can be learnt or unlearnt. This way, with enough repetitive practice, any behaviour can become automatic, including bad ones. 

Habits are important in our success journey since they influence the way we think, act and feel. By assessing if our habits are in line with our goals, we can put our energy towards the things that matter to us, that will help us achieve success, and that will make us happy.

Identifying positive and negative habits

Identifying positive and negative habits is a personal task, while one person can identify eating carbs as a negative habit because they are trying to lose weight, another person that is trying to gain weight can think of it as positive.

Positive habits are behaviours that can help you achieve your goals, while negative habits are those that prevent you from achieving them. So it is a personal task to figure out which habits help you in the road of success.

Unlearning habits

Good news! Since habits are a learned behaviour they can be “unlearned”.

Once you have identified a negative habit that you want to unlearn, it is important to keep in mind that unlearning does not mean eliminating it. We develop habits for specific reasons (even if those are unconscious), so the easiest, most effective way to unlearn a negative habit is by understanding and replacing it with a positive one.

Action Tasks:

  1. Think about a negative habit that is preventing you from achieving your goals.
  2. Use the “Negative Habit Chart” to understand your negative habit and find a positive replacement that lines up with your goals!