As you wind up your review period, whether it be the end of a quarter, a year, or even a decade, it is important to celebrate your wins!  As you complete your review, read over all the highlighted successes you had and be proud of yourself.

Look at your new Achieve™ Success Index compared to your old one, have you moved closer to your “10”? Now is the time to cash in on any of the rewards you set. Go over your Success Plan and review your rewards and make plans for the celebration. You deserve it. 

Physically seeing all your accomplishments makes it more concrete just how far you have progressed – progression = happiness.

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If you didn’t meet all your goals, it is okay. Don’t change the goals just the deadline. Here is your chance to reflect on how you could do better and implement it for the next quarter. 

Celebrate success based on your measuring stick – Be proud of yourself!

Now, off you go to celebrate!

Action Tasks:

  1. Go to Module 1 – Self-discovery and download the Achieve Success Index
  2. Complete the Achieve Success Index & compare it to your last one
  3. Celebrate how far you have moved toward your Success
  4. Look at your Success Plan and identify the rewards you set for the goals you completed. Start planning your Rewards!
  5. Celebrate!
  6. Don’t forget to connect with your Success Partners and thank them for their support.