The most important thing to remember about all the 5 areas is to remember that, by themselves they are only one dimension of your success, holistic success is about finding a balance between all these areas. This means that you need to work and set goals in each one of them but never try to measure your success by just one area. Remember, we must be successful in all areas of our life to FEEL successful.

Pump Up Low Areas First

By separating your success in the 5 holistic areas you can identify more easily when you succeed in something but also which areas you need to work more on. 

Much like a car, if one tire is extremely low (or flat) it will make it hard to move the other tires forward. The journey will be slow and the ride arduous and bumpy. Getting that low tire pumped closer to the level of the other tires will help allow the car to move forward easier, and gain momentum.