by Eleanor Davis (New York Times)

In Canada, among other countries, land acknowledgements are very common. These are formal statements used to recognize and express gratitude towards people that live in a particular place and to honour the Indigenous people who have lived and worked on the same land historically. This small but meaningful practice is meant to remind us of the broader and multiple perspectives that exist and expand our understanding of the world; as well as help us appreciate the unique role and relationship that each individual has with the land making us reflect on our own.

In Achieve, we believe in the power of acknowledging because it gives us tools to hear and understand others, as well as ourselves. We encourage and recognize our students’ individual self-discovery journey as it lets them understand and tell their story, value their differences, and realize their true potential. Thanks to our multicultural community we are able to keep learning and acknowledging different backgrounds so that we can keep guiding new students to achieve their success.

by Eleanor Davis (New York Times)

Just like at the beginning of a book we encourage you to acknowledge your story, this is your cultural background, the things you believe in, the values you live by, everything you are grateful for including the things or aspects that you can use to work for your success and the things that you would like to leave behind because they might just hold you back.

“Acknowledging our story and who we are at a specific time in our lives is also acknowledging everything and everyone that has formed us.”

We can’t wait to get to know your story and help you achieve your Best Life Career!

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