Sharing Drama and Writing

Over the next 8 weeks we will be sharing writing and some theatre games and drama. The exercises we will be sharing will help you dream. The group members will be invited to share and can do so if they choose to, it is not mandatory.

Hints for positive feedback for the group, suggested feedback can be one of three kinds:

  1. I really like what you said/wrote about….
  2. I wanted to hear/know more about what you said about…
  3. I loved the part you said about…

Learning the Art of Improvisation for Life

Background: Studies on activity in the brain measured via MRI comparing rehearsed music and improvisation and how it differs in brain activity and why this is good.

Yes and…

This exercise is all about learning how to cultivate openness and be alive to opportunity when it comes your way. It is not about saying ‘yes’ to the whims of others, but being able to identify when yes is yes for you.

If you have brilliant ideas about what kind of dream you have for yourself, and you do, cultivating an openness to the world around you is critical. Learning to say yes to the right things.

How it works:

In groups of two, we are going to improvise using a popular Theatreports game called ‘Yes and…’. When actors are improvising and one actor offers an idea to another and this idea is accepted this illustrates the game of yes and. When an idea is denied, this is called ‘blocking’ and is considered getting in the way of the improvisation.

This game was designed to help actors, not ‘block’ things that are offered to them in an improvisation, but to learn how to:

a) listen to the idea being offered;
b) incorporate the idea in a response and,
c) build upon the idea that is offered.

Life is an improvisation and the importance of learning this game is to open up ‘offers’ that are made to you in life and learn to recognize when you are ‘blocking’ or getting in the way of good offers being made. The critical part of this game is to STAY IN THE GAME. Sooner or later an idea that fits for you will come along. Learning to be open, receptive and how to improvise.

This is not a game to learn to say yes to others who are asking you to do things for them. But to learn to accept offers made to you that can help you build ideas that can feed into your dreams and future life. 


Facilitators – Facilitator 1 starts by offering an idea to Facilitator 2. Facilitator 2 accepts the idea and builds upon it and counteroffers the idea.