The 5 Holistic Areas

Our lives are multi-dimensional with 5 key interrelated areas and that balance in all these areas is critical for holistic success.

  1. Spiritual: the connection to your purpose and/or faith journey
  2. Wellness: your physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing
  3. Relational: your relationships with people who mean most to you (e.g. family and friends) 
  4. Career: your job and profession or educational pursuit
  5. Financial: personal and/or family finances

Your stress level or mental health at work can affect your home life and vice-versa. A struggling relationship with your boss or spouse can have a direct correlation with work performance and/or your wellness. To find true happiness, we must be successful in many areas of our life, not just career and finances. As such, it is important to set goals in five crucial areas: Spiritual, Health & Wellness, Relational, Career, and Financial. When we are intentional in all of these areas, we will be able to find balance and live true to our personal values which are critical to our happiness.

Reflecting on how successful we feel in each of these areas will help us identify where we need to put extra attention in order to improve our life balance. Although, we strive to reach a “10” in each area, know that it is more important to keep improving each area and to maintain all values around the same level. Much like a tire on a car, if one tire is extremely low (or flat) it will make it hard to move forward and the ride will be full of bumps. Getting that low tire pumped up closer to the level of the other tires will help you move forward easier, and improve the journey. Same with your holistic areas, it is important to focus on the areas you have identified as being low (0 – 4) and bring them up closer to the levels of your other areas as this will allow all areas to improve. Ideally, we are striving to have all five holistic areas within the 8-10 zone.


  1. Download the Holistic Success Workbook found in the Materials section.
  2. Complete it and be ready to share with our community.



Holistic Success Workbook