Why She-Rites?

  • A woman has a right to pursue her dreams.
  • A woman can write her way towards her dreams and process her life along the way.
  • A woman can benefit from a rite of passage with a group of like-minded women.

Why A Black Indigenous People of Colour Group?

Because of history and oppression that has been centuries in the making and keeping. It’s our/your job to dismantle this by reaching your own potential and having the courage to embrace your dreams. In so doing, you will settle more deeply into yourself, recognize your strengths and build upon them bit by bit towards your dreams and aspirations. A BIPOC woman experience has more intersections than almost anyone in this world. Being black for one and all that this means in the history of oppression, and secondly, being a woman.

Your Story Matters. Your unique experiences, your life, your unique voice to explore and share your story. Don’t worry about offending anyone. This story is about you. Your truth deserves the honour of our witness. Only you know what you need to write about.

Remember, your story is important and it must be told.

Why Us

“I wanted to help people, like myself, get a clear vision of what success looks like to them, help them create a path to this success and ultimately have the impact they desired. I want to inspire others to not let society define their dreams, direction or how far they could go.”

Andrea WIlson

“I believe people are always in a state of becoming. Always evolving. One way to grow is to plumb our own depths and be reminded of who we are and who we have been and in sharing our stories with others, we light our way forward and help others to see”

Lisa Randall

Why You

  • Your Name
  • Your Why