Andrea Wilson

Andrea emigrated from Jamaica to pursue her dream of completing her education. After years of climbing the corporate ladder, she was restructured out of her job. With this experience, Andrea wanted to inspire others to not let society define their dreams, direction or how far they could go.

“I wanted to help people, like myself, get a clear vision of what success looks like to them, help them create a path to this success and ultimately have the impact they desired.”


Yvonne Reid

She came to Canada, holding on to a specific instruction from her father – get a good education, a good job, a good husband and raise a good family. Yvonne followed his instructions to the letter. However, she found out that when the dreams are not yours, things tend to fall apart.

She soon realized that the corporate world did not take kindly to her core value “family” and became jobless. She then embraced her purpose in life. To impact, elevate and serve my community; especially women and youth.

Scherrie-Ann Richards

She is a college professor, and her goal is to use her gifts, talent, and experiences to engage, inspire and empower minds.

Her career started in business, and she successfully transitioned into the healthcare industry, where she flourished at the bedside and now in the classroom.

“I adore my family, ice cream and music. My love for people and my community has created opportunities for mentorship and allyship. I live by the simple philosophy to treat people the way I want to be treated…One love”

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