Core Values

Why Are Personal Core Values Important?

Our values are the core to our being, it defines what is most important to us, it affects every element of our lives and determines our happiness. Our personal values are our core principles and usually operate subconsciously in our minds as we make decisions. It is our own internal guidance system, think of it as our own personal GPS.

Whenever we are operating outside our values or not in alignment with our internal compass, things just don’t seem right. When decisions are made that match our personal values then we feel happy and content. It is possible to complete our goals without using our values, but true success and fulfillment will not be attained if our values are not aligned with our goals. This is why it is important for us to identify our top values.

Identifying our values is vital as it helps us to focus on what really matters to us. Once they have been identified, we can use them when making decisions. This will ensure that we are aligned with our core principles and help us to live in balance.

EXAMPLE: If our top value is family, working 80 hour weeks will not allow us to spend quality time with the family members and will stress us out as we are not living the way we believe we should be.

Making decisions based on our values will make the right decision clearer and help us live a more content and successful life. Knowing our least important values can also help steer us away from the wrong choice.


  • Download and review the Achieve™ Values List
  • Identify your top 5 values
  • Identify WHY these values are important to you

The 5 Holistic Areas

Success by Design™ is based upon the belief that our lives are multidimensional with 5 key interrelated areas and that balance in all these areas is critical for holistic success.

Spiritual: the connection to your purpose and/or faith journey

Wellness: your physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing

Relational: your relationships with people who mean the most to you

Career: alignment to your core values

Financial: the ability to increase income and/or reduce debt


Unless we have a realistic picture of where we are now, and a clear picture of where we want to go (or what we want to achieve), it will be challenging to get there. So, to be successful we need two vital pieces of information:

  • Where are you currently?
  • Where do you want to go/be?

By reflecting on these two questions you will assess the gap and be able to plan your next steps in your success journey.


  • Download the Achieve™ Success Index
  • Answer the questions in the Achieve™ Success Index
  • Identify what a “10” would look like in each of the 5 areas
  • Save the Achieve™ Success Index for future reference



Worksheet: Values List


Worksheet: Achieve Success Index