“Your Who”

  • Success is rarely achieved alone. So, Who do you need to help you get to your success?
  • Determine what resources, help, or support you require from others to achieve your goals.
    • Do you need an expert, a specialist, or a coach of some kind to achieve success?
    • Are you working in a business environment and need the commitment of your partner or team?
    • Do you require the support of your family and/or friends?
  • Reach out to them and share your goals and let them hear how important attaining them is to you, & you’d appreciate their help and/or support.
  • If you can think of the person you need, write down their name. If it is a specialist that you need to find, put down the type of specialist so that you can look for one.
  • In some cases you will not need anyone to achieve your goals, however, don’t be afraid to seek the help you need so that victory can be yours.


  1. Download the Your “Who” Workbook in the Materials Tab
  2. Refer back to the Identify Core Values Lesson
  3. Write your WHO for each Holistic Area



Your "Who" Workbook