Success Plan = Our Roadmap to Success

In the previous week, we left you with homework, to draft your Success Plan. Now, it is time to review it.

Example 1

Goal: Live with Health as a Priority


  • Drinking 60 oz
  • 30 minutes of exercise/daily
  • Sleep 8 hours
  • Eat 4-6 cups of vegetables daily
  • Eliminate sugar from my diet

Example 2

Goal: Be debt-free with enough money in a saving account that I can survive for a while without working; establish a good credit score.


  • Put $100 biweekly into a locked savings account to pay off the $1000 loan by Mar 31
  • Continue $100 in account saving, achieve $3000 for an emergency fund
  • Use a credit card at least 2 times/week and pay off each month to establish a credit history
  • Mindful shopping – consider needs vs. wants, e.g. go for groceries once a week following the shopping list and setting a limit on buying take-out food

Example 3