The definition of a habit is: “something that you do often and regularly, sometimes without knowing that you are doing it” (Cambridge Dictionary). Therefore, Habits are behaviours, meaning they can be learnt or un-learnt, this way, with enough repetitive practice, any behaviour can become automatic including bad ones.

Change is hard! It is important to be patient with ourselves, our habits did not form overnight and they aren’t going to disappear overnight either. Habits are learned but are mostly developed unconsciously. However, forming or changing a habit takes around 28 days.

Great change happens by changing little things, incorporating small positive changes into our lives, and being consistent. The more consistent we are, the stronger our ability to keep it going.

Remember: Positive habits are what sets successful people apart from everyone else. We all have the same number of hours a day – let’s use them well.

Examples of How Habits Can Change Your Life

  • Get up 30 minutes early – rescue 3.5 hours a week
  • Take away 1 hour of screen time a day – rescue 7 hours a week
  • Read 10 pages a day – turns into 1 book every 20 days or 18 books a year!
  • Drink a glass of water every hour,
  • Layout clothes the night before,
  • Rise 30 minutes earlier or go to bed 30 minutes earlier
  • Reduce TV viewing to 1 hour a day,
  • Read 10 pages of an uplifting book

“Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going”

Jim Rohn


  • Create a list of habits that you need to “unlearn”
  • Create a list of positive habits you need to develop
  • Download the Habit Tracker (Found on this Lesson Materials)
  • Decide on ONE habit you are going to develop over the next month



Worksheet: Habit Tracker