All successful people have daily routines, things that they must do, and refuse to change for anyone. I had a mentor who blocked 60 minutes every morning for her workout, anyone who wanted to meet with her had to work around that timeframe. She had made that commitment to herself and kept it for decades, nothing would stop her from getting it done. In fact, years later when she was diagnosed with cancer, on the mornings she had her treatment, she would run to the hospital to get in her workout. That’s commitment!

Maintaining our focus on goals can be challenging. Our lives are all very busy, and it can be hard to find time to work on your goals. We need to build a system that keeps us on target, keeps us focused daily, weekly, and monthly. A routine that we do so consistently that we do it without thinking.


  • Download the Your “Routines” Workbook in the Materials Tab
  • Create a morning routine
  • Create an evening routine



Worksheet: Routines