Celebrating Success in Community

Successess and Opportunities For Improvements

As you wind up your review period, whether it be the end of a quarter, a year, or even a decade, it is important to celebrate your Successes and Identify your Opportunities For Improvement!  As you complete your review, read over all the highlighted successes you had and be proud of yourself.

Look at your Success Plan, compare to your old one, have you moved closer to your “10”? Also, now is the time to cash in on any of the rewards you set. If you didn’t meet all your goals, it is okay. Don’t change the goals just the deadline. Here is your chance to reflect on how you could do better and implement it for the next quarter. 

Performance Review

To ensure that we are still on target to our success, it is important that we revisit our goals, successes, and opportunities for improvement regularly.  It’s critical to do a thorough review once per quarter (every 3 months) and at the end of the year. This gives us the chance to look back and ensure we are still happy with the main goals in each holistic area. It will also allow us to see where we can do better or if we need to implement new habits to assist with achieving our goals.

We must also review the rewards you set in your Personal Reward System, and see if there are any we can cash in based on our successes.  Another benefit of doing a performance review is that it can really be a boost to our self-esteem when we realize all the success we had in the past 3 or 12 months. We tend to be hard on ourselves but taking the time to review our progress will get us excited to embark on the next quarter/year to see how much more we can accomplish. 

Writing Your Performance Review

In the following lessons, you will find details about how to do your performance review, Quarterly and Annual. Also, understand that, for each of the 5 areas, you need to:

  1. List your major successes in each area.

  2. Assign a number (scale of 1-10) to each area based on how well you feel you achieved your goals in that area. 

  3. In the “Opportunities for Improvement” field, list actions or habits that would move you closer to your goals.

  4. Revisit your Personal Reward System, and see if there are any we can cash in based on our successes.


  1. Go back to your Holistic Success Worksheet
  2. Write your current numbers and compare them to the ones from your Self-Discovery
  3. Write the major successes you have seen since starting the She-Rites Program
  4. Write the major opportunity for improvement so you can achieve more success