The Achieve Methodology

Now you understand that success isn’t achieved alone and, that for you to achieve Success you need to stick to your plan. Throughout the past weeks, we have navigated through the Achieve Methodology, a blueprint to your success. Let’s recap it.

✅ Assess the gap

Here you defined your meaning of success and identified key areas for improvement

✅Choose to do & who

Here you determine what resources and your source of motivation and what you need to achieve success

✅ Have a plan

Here you strategized your action plan

✅ Involve others

Here you developed your personal accountability system

✅ Excite

Here you learnt how to reward yourself to achieve better results

✅ Venture the process

Here you learnt how to increase your productivity by establishing new habits and routines

✅ Evaluate & Celebrate

That’s where we are now. And you will Assess and adjust your performance to achieve the success you desire.

Continuing Your Holistic Success Plan

Planning your success is like a treasure hunt. Getting to the treasure is easier when you have a map. Like any map, the planning process begins with knowing where you currently are and where you want to go – your desired end-state success.

Most journeys are long with twists and turns, so knowing your destination allows you to plan your milestones and, these milestones will let you know you are on the right path.

Do you know what is interesting about life’s treasure hunt? The best treasure is unique to you. You cannot use someone else’s map in order to reach your treasure. You have to design, plan and follow your own map to get there. This means that you not only need to plan, you need to stick to it, commit to it, revisit it.