The Success By Design Methodology

✅ Assess the gap

Define your meaning of success and identify key areas for improvement

✅ Choose to commit

Determine your source of motivation and what you need to achieve success

✅ Have a plan

Strategize your action plan using our proven technique

✅ Involve others

Develop your personal accountability system

✅ Excite

Learn how to reward yourself to achieve better results

✅ Venture the process

Increase your productivity by establishing new routines

✅ Evaluate & Celebrate

Assess and adjust your performance to reach your annual objectives

Safe Space

The Success By Design facilitators will nurture and maintain a safe space including respectful interactions, non-judgement of others, acceptance, listening, curiosity, supportive and reciprocal contributions.

Ground Rules For Success

  • Show up on Time
  • Focus
  • Bring Positive Energy
  • No Judgement
  • Be Open
  • Have Fun
  • Commit to doing the Work
  • Confidentially