Andrea Wilson

Andrea emigrated from Jamaica to pursue her educational dream of completing her engineering degree. She achieved more than education as she met her soulmate, had 3 amazing daughters and a progressive career. 

After years of climbing the corporate ladder, working twice as hard as everyone else just to fit in, and being told by her doctors that she was a heart attack waiting to happen, she was restructured out of her job. 

Perfect timing, as she felt her values no longer aligned with the company. Six months after losing her job, the person who took over 1/3 of her responsibilities actually had a massive heart attack, fortunately, he survived. 

With this experience, Andrea wanted to inspire others to not let society define their dreams, direction or how far they could go. It was now time for her to pursue yet another dream, that of living her purpose of impacting lives to achieve their potential. Which led her to launch Achieve in 2013.

“I wanted to help people, like myself, get a clear vision of what success looks like to them, help them create a path to this success and ultimately have the impact they desired,” says Andrea.  

Achieve has since grown from a sole-proprietorship to being incorporated with 2 principals. Andrea is also a professor in the business school at Humber College, fulfilling her dream to live in alignment with her purpose. To further her desire to impact others, Andrea is excited to journey with the participants to dream, plan and create the future together.

Andrea's dream

Lisa Scale

Lisa grew up in the west end of Toronto, the eldest of 3 children in a single-parent family living in Ontario Housing. Realizing the cost of post-secondary education was out of reach for her mom, Lisa began working part-time & summers to save for college. Upon graduation, she landed an intern position at a prestigious portrait studio and continued to hone her skills as a portrait photographer. Seeing her regularly passed over for promotion in favour of her male colleagues, Lisa took a big leap of faith and opened up her own photography business. Starting out in a basement apartment, Lisa grew her business to a mall location and then to a custom-built studio in the country. Her 30-year journey in photography earned her accolades for her photography and entrepreneurial skill.

One of the highlights of her career was having the opportunity to go back to Humber College and teach the very program she graduated from. “Teaching had always been a dream of mine but to be able to combine that with my passion for photography, was an amazing experience”. Helping students build upon their passion, navigate challenges and grow their confidence while they prepared for a successful career outside of the education system made a big impact on Lisa.

After 3 decades, 3 children and a successful career, Lisa began to focus on her values and desire to impact others, Lisa found joy in helping people live their purpose. Today, she enjoys her location-independent life, teaching and coaching while living and travelling in Canada & Europe. Following her dream to travel, Lisa recently relocated back to Canada after 2 years of living and exploring Europe with her husband and children.