Best Life Career

Welcome to the Achieve™ career development program: Best Life – Career. Now that you completed the Success By Design™ Program, and have a clearer vision of what holistic success looks like to you. Let us delve deeper into your Career Life Area.

Often times we choose our career path based on other people’s vision of our success. After years of educational pursuit and finally landing a job, we may find we are not happy because we are not living in alignment with our values or gifts. Many people feel stuck and unsure where to turn. This is exactly where this program comes in.

Over the next several weeks, you will be doing self-led work, individual and group workshops, working with mentors and coaches to provide you with the support and next step to move toward your Career “10”, your BEST LIFE – CAREER!


Module 1

  • Develop Clarification Statement and Value Proposition

Module 2

  • Understand your industry

Module 3

  • Prepare to ace the interview

Module 4

  • Land your dream job!

Safe Space

The Best Life Career facilitators will nurture and maintain a safe space including respectful interactions, non-judgement of others, acceptance, listening, curiosity, supportive and reciprocal contributions.

  • Possibilities and Actions
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Have your toolbox ready to go