Career conversations are essential as you move towards your Best Life. It is important to reflect on who you are, so you will be better able to identify your own unique contribution to the world of work. We will revisit your values, your interests and explore the possibility for real-world challenges that inspire you. Conversation is important to enhance your listening skills while you practice giving feedback. These steps will lead to you having a rewarding and fulfilling career.

Honest Conversations Build Bridges

~ Daisy Wright

Intro and Warm-up

In your breakout rooms

  1. Say your name and where you are calling from
  2. What is something you really liked when you were younger, and why?
  3. Each person has 30 seconds to share

Conversation Starter

In your breakout rooms

  1. Choose only 1 of your 3 items to say aloud. Then, in 30 seconds, say “I CHOSE _ because…” Each person takes a turn to finish the round. Listeners, use Scribble Space to note responses.
  2. Name only 1 person whose story you appreciate. In 30 seconds, say “I APPRECIATE what you said, __ , because…” Each person takes a turn to finish the round.
  3. Repeat Steps 1 & 2 for the next 3 Conversations.

On your own in Main Room

Complete your Clarification Statement in the Connection Guide and thumbs up to the facilitator when done.

  1. Complete your Clarification Statement. Fill in the numbered blanks in FOUR STEPS. When done, signal to Facilitator.
  2. Write 1 word or phrase from each of your first 3 Clarifications into the space provided
  3. Write 1 Possibility that you want to explore today
  4. Use your imagination to provide more detail by filling in the blank after such as
  5. Add one Small Action.