Get to know your industry

Now that you have identified your “Why” for Best Life Career, let’s spend some time to understand the industries where you could find your dream career.

To get started, do the following two part assignment.

Part 1: 5 Company Research

Research 5 companies you are interested in working for or doing your internship and answer the following in the Industry Research PDF found in the Materials tab.

CompanyIndustryAddressHiring or HR ManagerManager ‘s EmailManager’s PhoneWhy you want to work at that company

Part 2: Company Detailed Reports

For 2 of the above 5 companies, conduct more detailed research and answer the following in the Industry Research PDF found in the Materials tab.

Corporate Information Hiring Manager(s):
Address: Name(s):
Phone: Position(s):
Website: Phone(s):
Social Media Sites: Email(s):
Company Research
Type of Business:Products & Services Offered:
Revenues:# of Employees:
Target Market:Recent Company Activities/Events/In the News:
Personal Objectives
A full developed “Why do you want to work for this Company”:

Personal Objectives Description

  1. A fully developed answer to why you want to work for this organization. This is a statement that you would make in an interview situation and should be unique to that organization.
  2. The statement needs to clearly illustrate your knowledge of the company as acquired from your research on the organization. It needs to be an AUTHENTIC statement of purpose.
  3. The statement must “sell” what you have to offer this organization; highlight the skills/background/experiences that you have that would be of benefit to their success and growth.


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Worksheet: Industry Research