The day has finally arrived. All your hard work is paying off, and you have your interview for your dream job today.

Please refer to the interview schedule in your Telegram group

Here are some tips to Ace the interview:

  1. 1st impression – to everyone
  2. Good posture
  3. Make your point. Keep in simple. 
  4. Be genuine and honest – Be yourself. Don’t sound scripted. 
  5. Remember the employer is hiring for skills and cultural fit
  6. Focus on what “you can do for them” NOT “what they can do for you”
  7. Listen don’t speak
    1. Listen carefully to everyone you speak with 
    2. Use what you learn as you progress 
    3. Let them talk
  8. Ask for the job – “A close”

Non-Verbal Mistakes to Avoid during the Interview

From a survey of 2,000 bosses

  • 67% – failure to make eye contact
  • 47% – little or no knowledge of company 
  • 38% – lack of smile
  • 33% – bad posture
  • 33% – fidgeting too much
  • 26% – weak handshake
  • 21% – playing with hair or touching face
  • 21% – crossing arms
  • 9% – too many hand gestures

Types of Questions Revisited

You should have prepared for these in the Interview Readiness Module

  1. General courtesies/ Introductory question(s)
  2. Job skill related question(s)
  3. Situational question(s) – “What would you do if….?”
  4. Behavioural question(s) – (SAR) “Tell me a time when….”
  5. Surprise question(s)

After the Interview

  1. Thank everyone, including reception if you met on the way in.
  2. Email follow up later that day. 
  3. Contact references to let them know of company and role they may be contacted about.

Finally, don’t be an AMY