Andrea Wilson

Andrea emigrated from Jamaica to pursue her dream of completing her education. After years of climbing the corporate ladder, she was restructured out of her job. With this experience, Andrea wanted to inspire others to not let society define their dreams, direction or how far they could go.

“It took me years to find joy and purpose in my job, despite doing what I thought would lead to my dream career. (…) I am passionate about helping young people pursue their interests, talents and desires to create fulfilling careers, a lot earlier than I did. It is said that if you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life.”

After 5 years of running this program and helping over 500 students land their dream jobs, Andrea believes that the Best Life Career course is the most effective when participants are prepared to do the work and take the opportunities they provide them with. 

“This program provides our clients with clarity on their career aspirations. It gives them tools, support and mentorship, so they can solve the issues that matters most to them. While making money for the lifestyle they desire.”

To create these opportunities Andrea is in charge of helping participants with their Industry Research, connecting them with relevant mentors in their fields of interest, as well as working with them to find potential job opportunities. 

Angella Nunes

Angella Nunes has over thirty years of experience working in the Ontario college system. As a Career Development Practitioner, Angella has extensive knowledge of the processes needed to clarify career direction.

“Helping others to succeed has been my life’s mission. (…) As a retiree, it is my greatest pleasure to use my acquired knowledge, skills, and life experience to inspire, empower and motivate them toward a successful future.”

Angella believes that the high value of this course comes from meeting clients where they are. Instead of having a “one fits all” methodology the facilitators make sure to create tailored opportunities for them that acknowledge their unique strengths and challenges in a supportive, like-minded community. 

“​​I have learned that students appreciate and value having facilitators who believe in them even when they are doubtful of themselves. Knowing that there is reliable hand-holding without judgment is priceless when they face an obstacle.”

Angella is affectionately nicknamed Momma Coach because of her ease in coaching her clients to settle their fears and anxieties. She helps participants clarify their next steps so that they can take inspired actions toward their career goals, and build their confidence in readiness for the job search process.