mentor and mentee talking looking at a computer


  • Success is rarely achieved alone. So, Who do you need to help you get to your success?
  • Determine what resources, help, or support you require from others to achieve your goals.
    • Do you need an expert, a specialist, or a coach of some kind to achieve success?
    • Are you working in a business environment and need the commitment of your partner or team?
    • Do you require the support of your family and/or friends?
  • Reach out to them and share your goals and let them hear how important attaining them is to you, & you’d appreciate their help and/or support.
  • If you can think of the person you need, write down their name. If it is a specialist that you need to find, put down the type of specialist so that you can look for one.
  • In some cases you will not need anyone to achieve your goals, however, don’t be afraid to seek the help you need so that victory can be yours.


A mentor is someone who acts as an advisor to a less experienced individual, known as their mentee. Typically, individuals seek mentors who work in their same or desired field. The mentor helps this individual grow and develop as a professional, often offering advice based on their more advanced knowledge or experience. Mentorship relationships can be built through networking, personal connections or formal mentorship programs.

This program offers 3 types of mentorships:

Success Coach

Your Success Coach is focused on your holistic success, and will continue to support you for the duration of this program.

Career Coach

Your Career Coach is focused on the Career area of your life, and will continue to support you for the duration of this program.

Career Mentor

Your career mentor will help you navigate your career choices and, ensure this is the correct career path for you. Also, they will be connecting you with other people within the industry you are interested in.

Matching Mentee and Mentor

Meet with Internship Coordinator

To ensure we effectively match you to the best suited mentor, we need you to fill out the following questionnaire.  Once you have completed this questionnaire, please book a 30 minutes meeting with the Internship Coordinator.