Team Composition

Size: 4 to 10 people

Must have an executive sponsor

Team members:

  • Knowledge and required skills to cover all aspects of the process/problem
  • Useful to have someone not involved in the process or new to the company/department  – “fresh eyes”
  • Cross-functional

Team responsibilities:

  • Make an agenda and distribute it prior to the meeting
  • Start and finish on time
  • Participate fully
  • Manage and complete tasks assigned
  • Choose a recorder
  • Distribute minutes within 48hrs


As previously seen in the Ice Breaker lesson, you should make sure that all participants feel comfortable sharing their ideas and point of view. This way, you should make clear that the I.M.P.R.O.V.E process is a safe space, without YABUTS.

You should be asking yourself, but what are YABUTS? YABUT means, “Yeah, But…”. Many people will bring these thoughts like:

  • “YABUT” it might not work
  • “YABUT” we tried that 3 years ago
  • “YABUT” we’ve never done it like that before

It is your responsibility to keep the dialogue and make sure that no idea is being shut down before a proper thought was given to it.

Assessing Questions


  • Are employees affected by the problem represented?
  • Does each individual have a reason for being on the team?
  • Do team members agree to be part of the team?
  • Were team responsibilities reviewed?
  • Is the team committed to completing this in a specific time frame?


  • Have we communicated to the people affected by the problem?
  • Member’s viewpoint, is it represented?
  • Does everyone agree and understand the goals and objectives of the project?
  • Is there sufficient decision-making authority to accomplish the goals and objectives?
  • Executive Sponsor has signed off that this project can proceed?
  • Do we have the right team members for the next step?