New Year planning

Assessing Questions

Assessing questions are YES or NO questions, found at the end of each module, they are there to help:

  1. Identify if everyone is on the same page/aligned in their decisions,
  2. Determine if the team is confident with their progress,
  3. Measure if the participants are understanding what is being instructed.

Also, the assessing questions are a time for you and the team to take a break.

Using The Provided Questions

After hundreds of completed training, the Achieve team believes that the provided questions are the best questions to assess if the participants are where they should be. There are three main things you should be aware of:

  1. Usually, you won’t find that all questions are a YES in the meeting, and that’s okay. Make an action plan with the participants for them to find the missing information and move the needle.
  2. Start the meeting by asking the assessing questions that weren’t a clear YES in the previous meeting.
  3. Avoid creating new assessing questions.