Map the Process

Draw flow chart – if possible, have someone document the entire process flow prior to the meeting or have the team map the existing process flow during the meeting.

Analyze process flow – as a team review the process flow and identify all opportunities for errors or breakdown in the process and non-value-added activities.

Data Collection

The team will use the 3W & 1H technique for data collection.


What are we going to measure? (Key Performance Indicators – KPIs)


Where are we today? – (Current Level)

Where do we want to be? (Goal)


Frequency of KPI


Method of collecting the KPI

Cost (how much is the cost of the problem?)

Assessing Questions

  • Has the scope of the problem been narrowed down?
  • Has the complete flow chart been mapped?
  • Have failed breakdowns been analyzed in detail?
  • Can we determine the severity of the problem?
  • Is there an action plan to collect additional information?
  • Has the financial impact of the problem been determined?
  • Do we have the right team members for the next step?