Our Best Life is a vision we have for ourselves in a specific moment in our lives, it is how we want to live and what our life would look like if we were achieving everything we desire. Your Best Life is living your “10” in all areas, keeping in mind that it can change or stay the same during our lifetime.

However it is key that you use the vision you have today to create your Best Life statement, this is a sentence (or two) written in present tense that embodies what your life would look and feel like if everything was perfect in your life.

These statements should help us focus and guide us in making GOOD decisions toward our success.

Tips for writing your Best Life Statement.

  • Review your “10” in each area.
  • Keep your Core Values in mind.
  • Write it in positive terms.
  • Use present tenses.
  • Make it short but meaningful!

Action Task:

Create your Best Life Statement.