You’ll GROW most where you are already STRONG.

Marcus Buckingham

In response to the COVID-19 global health crisis, Marcus Buckingham (English author, and business consultant), ADP®, and Harvard Business Publishing created “The Gift of StandOut®.”.

This platform offers 3 steps to help you understand your personal traits and tendencies that give you a natural advantage. The first step is completing the StandOut Assessment, a 15 minute test that measures you against 9 “Strength Roles” and reveals your Top 2. Once you receive your StandOut roles you can browse the website to learn more about all 9 strengths and better understand your unique talents and strengths. Finally, this tool also offers a variety of live and recorded strength coaching sessions with Marcus Buckingham to keep learning how to make the most of your roles.


  • After completing the StandOut strengths assessment you will receive a 14-page detailed report describing your greatest sources of strength and contribution.