by Keith Negley (Wall Street Journal)

Honest Conversations Build Bridges

Daisy Wright

Career conversations are essential as you move towards your Best Life. It is important to reflect on who you are, so you will be better able to identify your own unique contribution to the world of work. In this group exercise we will revisit your values, your interests and explore the possibility for real-world challenges that inspire you. Conversation is important to enhance your listening skills while you practice giving feedback. These steps will lead to you having a rewarding and fulfilling career.

Before your Conversation Exercise date you will receive a link to register for the event and complete the required 5-Minute Event Prep. When done, a document in PDF called Connection Guide will be created, it is suggested to print or download it as you will need to read it and make notes on it during the event.


After completing the activity, you will have:

  • – A Connection Guide with your top 3 personal qualities, strengths, desires, and possibilities.
  • – New aspects of your career path to consider and reflect on.
  • – More practice in connecting, listening and engaging in conversations with other individuals .
  • – Learned the best way to give feedback.