by Career Guide

Clarifying what you want more of, identifying Possibilities, and taking Small Actions build confidence. Receiving and giving positive feedback helps you focus on “what’s next,” and motivates growth and productive habits. Caring about others and being a resource drives everyone to be their best.

Now that you have had the Career Conversation Exercise it is time to complete your Clarification Statement. This statement is valuable because it is present and future oriented so it helps you move forward in your career path. It also asserts your desires, clarifies your skills, and names your personal qualities, interests, influences, assets, in order to strengthen your professional profile. Finally, it aligns your thoughts and feelings with actions that will help you achieve success.


  • – After completing the activity, you will have:
  • – A wider and stronger professional vocabulary to describe yourself.
  • – Identified 3 future possibilities to keep moving forward in your career journey.
  • – Received suggestions and advice from coach Angella on your next steps based on your profile.

This is an individual session that will help you introspect and dissect your Best Life Career and set actions to move forward in your career.

Action Tasks:

  1. Book a 45 minute session with the Career Coach to define your Clarification Statement.
  2. Share it in the comments below.