The Importance of STAR Stories

STAR Stories are the most valuable tools when looking for a job. Potential job candidates often rely on their resumes and interviews to get their dream job. The STAR method can help you create impactful descriptions for each experience on your resume so you can show your value more clearly. It changes the vague and generic skill descriptions into specific and result oriented examples of how you developed and used an important skill.

This method also allows you to match your skills to job qualifications by pairing your work experience with relevant examples from multiple sources as you prepare for an interview. STAR Stories help you answer the question “tell me about a time when” because they center on your transferable skills and prepare you with powerful action verbs to make you look like a STAR in your interview.

How to write a STAR Story

STAR is an acronym for the four parts of an answer: Situation, Task, Action and Result. The STAR technique encourages job seekers to give more detail about their work experience.

Transferable Skills and STAR Stories

In the search for the perfect candidate, employers make a list of skills required for the position, these include:

  • Hard skills: teachable and measurable abilities.
  • Soft skills: skills that show how you work and relate to others.

Transferable skills can be hard or soft skills. Transferable Skills are abilities or talents developed through education and experience that you can use in many different jobs and career paths. To stand out as a job seeker it is important that you know which are the most relevant transferable skills for your industry so that you can use STAR Stories that highlight your potential as a candidate.

Here are the Top skills that today’s employers are looking for:

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Action Task:

Chose the top 5 Transferable Skills that are relevant for your industry, and write 5 unique STAR stories based on your previous work or volunteer experience. Upload your file and be prepared to share with your team.