September is a month of getting back to routines. With summer ending and school starting, the whole world shifts towards productivity. So what are the best steps you can take, in the final 4 months of the year, to ensure the successful completion of the goals that you set at the beginning of the year?

5 Ways to Ensure your Success

  1. Ground yourself in the moment. Life can get overwhelming and thinking of everything that’s ahead of you can cause you to become stuck. Where are you in this moment? What is the next step that you can start on right now to move toward your success? 
  1. Write everything out. It’s hard to be clear on how to move forward when everything is jumbled in your head. Write down all you need to do and then prioritize your next steps.
  1. Find a friend, a family member, anyone who you can talk to about your goals and who can either help you achieve them, or hold you accountable to make sure you don’t give up too soon. It’s really hard to achieve your goals on your own. 
  1. Give yourself clear deadlines. Lofty goals are hard to meet, and they’re even harder if the deadline is just “eventually”. Saying something like, “I will finish reading this book soon” will never make it onto your priority list. “I will read the first three chapters of my book by the end of September”, is action-focused and more likely to be accomplished. If you want success, write it down
  1. Start with the small things and then build from there. Finishing a task no matter how small will give you the momentum you need to tackle larger projects. Or, break a large project into small portions to make it more manageable and avoid becoming overwhelmed. Success happens with small consistent steps.

What is one action you can commit to achieving this week to bring you closer to the success you desire?